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SydneyPLUS Windows Library Management System
The SydneyPLUS Windows Library Management System is a comprehensive modular solution for managing your information resource center.
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Pick the modules you want now. Add on modules later as you need them:

WebOPAC: provides a single point of access to your firm's information resources, including full-text access to digital resources, such as your organization's reports and memos. With one interface that can be easily customized to your needs and branded with your corporate common look and feel policy, the WebOPAC encourages users to rely on in-house resources regardless of their physical access to the library.

Catalog: with its unprecedented flexibility, SydneyPLUS clients can catalog any item with as much detail as desired using an intuitive design that matches their workflow.

Acquisitions: demonstrates accountability and improves purchasing decisions and helps you better manage costs through detailed reporting and statistics on the financial operation of your information center. Easily interface with accounting systems, track encumbered and spent funds, and spread costs over one or multiple cost centers.

Serials: maximizes the full value of your investment with the reports and statistics you need to eliminate duplicate or unread subscriptions. Automatically handle subscription renewals, and easily modify schedules to receive unexpected issues.

Circulation: streamlines the information-sharing process, improving the availability of resources because their exact whereabouts are always known. And it directly contributes to reduced costs by helping you identify what needs to be weeded. At the same time, it boosts budgets because you will have the reports and statistics to make the business case that some areas require increased funding in order to meet user needs.

Full MARC: with bibliographic records stored in native MARC format (i.e. stored with their tags as part of the record), you are guaranteed to have MARC 21 records in line with U.S. National Level Requirements (Full). Also, we make it possible for you export MARC records in a format that allows you to map to Dublin Core, XML, etc. There is no interface limitation.

MARC Record Interface: ensures fast implementation, high quality records and reduced costs compared to manual data entry. The result is an up to date and accurate catalog. With our Z39.50 interface, you have access to records from libraries and vendors.

Materials Booking: enables your clients to book any item in your collection in advance - days, weeks, months or even years ahead. With its built-in perpetual calendar, there are no limits on how far in advance you can make a booking, and the system will plan around weekends and holidays when calculating shipping and due dates.


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